Private Group Collections

Locked collections are a useful tool for group ordering, as they allow a group of people to place orders together in a more organized way. Typically, a locked collection is a private online store that is only accessible to members of a specific group. This can be useful for sports teams, clubs, organizations, or any other group that needs to place orders for customized merchandise.

When a group creates a locked collection, they can set specific rules for ordering, such as deadlines, minimum order quantities, or restrictions on certain products. The collection is locked so that only members of the group can access it, which can help to eliminate confusion and ensure that orders are placed correctly.

If you are interested in creating a locked collection for your group, there are a number of ways that we provide this service. We can offer different options to find one that meets your specific needs. Please reach out to J&J Promotions to inquire about you locked collection services and pricing.